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                                      HOUCK ROCK CREEK RANCH
                                                BLACK SIMMENTAL

Producing beef in demand with consumers is the name of the game at Rock Creek Ranch just north of Americus, Kansas. Owned and operated by the Houck family, the ranch has evolved with the beef industry through dynamic breeding program, the judicious use of natural resources and through record keeping on each individual animal. 
Over the past 50 years, Rock Creek Ranch has grown from its original 600 acres to well over 3,500 acres of pasture. Jim and Jean Houck and their son and daughter-in-law, Jeff and Lori Houck, perform the day-to-day management of the ranch. Jim and Jean have three other children who along with their spouses, frequently help out on the ranch. They are Tim and Cindy (Houck) DeHoff of Tonganoxie, Kansas, Jim and Sona Houck of Austin, Texas and Brandon and Jamie Houck of Dubois, Wyoming.

The guiding force behind this family operation is homegrown, superior genetics.  The foundation is a registered Simmental and commercial cowherd, split into spring and fall calving units. Both are centered around an intensive synchronization and artificial insemination (AI) program. All heifers are artificially inseminated using proven, high-accuracy AI sires or ranch-owned bulls.